3 Tips to Optimize A Router for Gaming

When you’re trying to squeeze out every bit of advantage while playing video games, one of the most often overlooked areas is your gaming router. This powerhouse of a machine makes sure that all of the bandwidth for your home is distributed as best as it can, but there are a few tweaks that you can do in order to optimize your router for your gaming needs.

Prioritize your gaming PC or console. Most routers let you prioritize each device independently. This lets you choose which device is the highest priority and never falls below the line of acceptable bandwidth. This is especially important in households where you have family or friends who are streaming HD movies or TV through services such as Netflix or Hulu.

Limit the bandwidth for other devices. Similar to prioritizing the devices, you can also limit the allowed bandwidth to specific devices in most routers. For instance, if you know that your total download bandwidth is 10 Mbps and you have 3 devices on the network, then limit other devices to 2 Mbps. That ensures that you’ve got 6 Mbps for your gaming PC or console, which should be enough for pretty much any gaming need.

Plug in directly to the router. It is no secret that plugging into the router via an Ethernet cable is the fastest method for your gaming needs. This lowers your ping and latency, and in most instances can give you faster download and upload speeds than you can get wirelessly. Wired connections generally get a higher priority by default than wireless ones, so on top of the previous optimizations, this would help even further.

These three tips above are the easiest and fastest methods you should try in order to optimize your router for gaming. If these do not help you, then it might be time to look into getting a higher quality gaming router (get the best gaming router).