Why Baby Boomers Were The Best Stock Market Investors

There are certainly plenty of other people besides baby boomers that have made a fortune with the stock market. However, the stock market has evolved, and if you look at the polls when it comes to millennials, many of them just aren’t interested. Brokerage companies are tailoring apps to millennials to redirect their focus to investing and coming up with all kinds of marketing ploys to get their attention. Of course, Generation X is in between the millennials and by boomers, and that is my generation.

Generation X played the stock market, but the baby boomers are the ones who have made a fortune. How? Well, for starters, baby boomers began playing the stock market during a simpler time. Moreover, people often start investing later on in life, not right when they become adults. They have to get situated first, and the baby boomers were situated with good jobs and 401k accounts by the time Generation X rolled around and started entering adulthood.

Baby boomers are now at that age where they had accumulated money over time and have had more money to invest than other people. You can see how the natural course of events up to this date and the opportunities available to baby boomers is what helped them when it came to investing. The market has never really been quite the same ever since September 11th, 2001. If you don’t believe me, take a look at everything that happened over the years prior to the attacks, and then look at what has happened since (you can also check Binary Uno).

Market reaction has been very volatile, and of course there was also the recession. Now, the stock market has been surging for several years while the economy is still in the tank. It’s quite odd, and while many baby boomers got rich off the stock market, many of them also lost money when the recession hit and they were trying to retire. The ones that were able to hold out again made a ton of money once the market went back up, especially if they bought more stock.