Let Me Tell You 3 Things You Do Not Know About Barbie

My husband and I are happily married and are raising a young daughter. She’ll soon be old enough for real toys and dolls, but we’ve been debating about what kind of restrictions to place on that. We’re not too worried about her being corrupted at such a young age, but we are worried about my husband’s mother.

She’s very traditional, you could say, and we’ve already heard her talking about giving our daughter Barbies and having tea parties with her. This bothers us a little, because we don’t want our daughter raised with old-school notions of femininity (can’t imagine my daughter playing barbie games all the time).

I recently sat down with her over lunch to tell her we weren’t going to allow Barbie gifts. She sipped her coffee and then said “Let me tell you three things you do not know about Barbie.”

She then proceeded to give me quite an education about the history of Barbie dolls, and I actually didn’t know any of the things she told me from before.

She actually understood our concerns, but also said that we should let her be a girl while she’s a girl. She correctly pointed out that if anyone was going to inspire our daughter to be a true woman and feminist, it would be me as a role model, not some toy.

I felt better after the talk, and a lot less worse about Barbies. I’ve even joined them for some of their tea parties.