Let Me Tell You 3 Things You Do Not Know About Barbie

My husband and I are happily married and are raising a young daughter. She’ll soon be old enough for real toys and dolls, but we’ve been debating about what kind of restrictions to place on that. We’re not too worried about her being corrupted at such a young age, but we are worried about my husband’s mother.

She’s very traditional, you could say, and we’ve already heard her talking about giving our daughter Barbies and having tea parties with her. This bothers us a little, because we don’t want our daughter raised with old-school notions of femininity (can’t imagine my daughter playing barbie games all the time).

I recently sat down with her over lunch to tell her we weren’t going to allow Barbie gifts. She sipped her coffee and then said “Let me tell you three things you do not know about Barbie.”

She then proceeded to give me quite an education about the history of Barbie dolls, and I actually didn’t know any of the things she told me from before.

She actually understood our concerns, but also said that we should let her be a girl while she’s a girl. She correctly pointed out that if anyone was going to inspire our daughter to be a true woman and feminist, it would be me as a role model, not some toy.

I felt better after the talk, and a lot less worse about Barbies. I’ve even joined them for some of their tea parties. (9)

The Advantages of Purchasing a Whole Life Insurance Policy

When choosing between life insurance products, it is important to note that a whole life insurance policy features more expensive premium payments. In essence, a whole life insurance policy allows for its owners to build savings.

Term life insurance on the other hand has a simpler mission- to provide enough funds to cover for basic death-related expenses such as hospital bills and funeral costs. In short, term life insurance gives policy owners and their beneficiaries a sense of security that their money will not be losing any value as time goes by ( has the same principle) .

Whole life insurance allows policy owners to borrow money against their policy’s current cash value. This is primarily based on the fact that insurance features a predictable rate of return assessed on a yearly basis. This is most commonly referred to as dividends. Whole life policy owners have full access to the cash value at any time. Some life insurance owners opt for whole life as this gives them a source of funding for major purchases such as enough cash to apply for a car loan, tuition fees, or mortgage to name a few.

Here are other advantages of purchasing whole life insurance:

  • Business minded policy owners can use their income to build money through their whole life insurance policy. The accumulation of money in your policy is somewhat similar to building money within your bank account. You will have more spending power given that you pay your premiums religiously to the insurer.
  • Whole life insurance offers utmost financial freedom for its policy owners to become entrepreneurs and build businesses without having to save up for capital. Policy owners with enough money in their whole life policies can depend on its financial backup which can then be used in case you need more money to expand and grow your business. (8)

Three Tips To Help You Deal With Lawyers

Dealing with lawyers is easier if you know what to expect and communicate efficiently (especially with dan warner attorney az). These three tips will help you deal with your lawyer.

You need to discuss how often you will be in touch and how you will communicate. Ideally, your lawyer should give you their personal phone number so you can contact them in case of emergency. You need to agree on how often you will talk regarding your case when you first hire your lawyer.

Prepare some questions before speaking to your lawyer. Some lawyers will charge you in function of the amount of time they spend working on your case, and this can include the time they spend communicating with you. You will be able to communicate more efficiently if you already know which questions you are going to ask and will be less likely to need to contact your lawyer again if you have some questions ready for them.

You need to be upfront about your situation and about the kind of evidence that might be presented against you in court. Your lawyer needs to know as much as possible about the case to choose the best approach.
These three simple tips will help you deal with your lawyer. Look for the right lawyer to represent by meeting with a few different lawyers before hiring one. (8)

Why Baby Boomers Were The Best Stock Market Investors

There are certainly plenty of other people besides baby boomers that have made a fortune with the stock market. However, the stock market has evolved, and if you look at the polls when it comes to millennials, many of them just aren’t interested. Brokerage companies are tailoring apps to millennials to redirect their focus to investing and coming up with all kinds of marketing ploys to get their attention. Of course, Generation X is in between the millennials and by boomers, and that is my generation.

Generation X played the stock market, but the baby boomers are the ones who have made a fortune. How? Well, for starters, baby boomers began playing the stock market during a simpler time. Moreover, people often start investing later on in life, not right when they become adults. They have to get situated first, and the baby boomers were situated with good jobs and 401k accounts by the time Generation X rolled around and started entering adulthood.

Baby boomers are now at that age where they had accumulated money over time and have had more money to invest than other people. You can see how the natural course of events up to this date and the opportunities available to baby boomers is what helped them when it came to investing. The market has never really been quite the same ever since September 11th, 2001. If you don’t believe me, take a look at everything that happened over the years prior to the attacks, and then look at what has happened since (you can also check Binary Uno).

Market reaction has been very volatile, and of course there was also the recession. Now, the stock market has been surging for several years while the economy is still in the tank. It’s quite odd, and while many baby boomers got rich off the stock market, many of them also lost money when the recession hit and they were trying to retire. The ones that were able to hold out again made a ton of money once the market went back up, especially if they bought more stock. (4)

Get some attention from experts

Adequate Car Repairs Can Extend the Life of Your Car

The purchase of an automobile makes for a lot of sense, when you are required to commute to and from work. It can also be a great convenience for you and your family for weekend trips and when you need to go shopping. A car is an investment, and like all investments must be looked after carefully. It is when you car needs to go for repairs, that you will appreciate the headache it can become.

One way to reduce the need for car repairs is to ensure that you get it serviced regularly (just like how you get car insurance quotes). Get this done at reliable garages, so that you are assured of a thorough job. You can also reduce car repair costs if you regularly check on the spark plugs and replace them when necessary. This will ensure that your fuel mixture burns efficiently and cleanly.

Pay attention to all the various fluids that are necessary for the car to run. Most cars will have gauges that indicate the state of these fluids and ignoring them can lead to overheated engines and leaks in the anti freeze. Top them up if you can, without going to a service station. At times these defects come from broken hoses, radiator leaks and defective water pumps.

The oils that your engine needs for efficient running must be of the right grade and quality, as any neglect of this aspect can lead to costly engine repairs. Oils must be checked regularly, and never neglected when the level is low or the oil is dirty, as these are sure signs of impending trouble.

Intake and exhaust systems must work properly for a car to run properly. So take care of filters and go to a car repair shop if your exhaust is clogged. Tire pressures make a very important part of correct running, and neglecting this can wear out tires and disturb alignments. Tires must always have a minimum depth of treads as this makes for safer driving.

A car must always run smoothly, and if you find any strange sounds or smells, it is in an indication that you car can do with some attention from experts. A car is a transportation device that is subjected to a lot of stresses and strains, and the various parts in it can always breakdown and need you to go in for repairs. While this cannot be avoided altogether, especially when cars grow older and see extended usage, a regular maintenance schedule can help you to avoid or defer costly car repairs.


Where To Learn About The Best Skin Products Of The Year

When it comes to trying new skin care products, personal recommendations can be very important. Many people will try a new product when a friend or family member raves about it or even generously offers them a sample. That said, there are other ways to learn about some amazing new products (like Livecell) and in this particular article we are going to briefly talk about two of them.

1. YouTube Beauty Haul Videos
Watching YouTube beauty haul videos can be an entertaining way to learn about new beauty products and also see them being used in real-time on a real person. Some of the best YouTubers provide unparalleled impartial advice about top skin care products to their subscribers.

2. Personal Skin Care And Beauty Blogs
Blogs are prehaps a little less relevant these days due to the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, but personal beauty blogs can be a great resource to learn about the best skin care products of the year. Many bloggers spend weeks, and in some cases months, putting a product through its paces before uploading a very detailed blog post highlighting all of the pros and cons of the product.

When it comes to searching for the best skin products of 2015/2016 online, it is important to make sure that you understand that a lot of reviewers are engaging in paid sponsorships. This does not necessarily mean that a reviewer is not providing you with an honest opinion, but you do need to keep in mind that they probably have the interests of the company who is paying them at the forefront of their mind. Therefore, as mentioned in the beginning of this article, personal recommendations are the best resource, but online reviews can be a good close second for finding the best products.